Interest Rate Increase

Interest Rate Increase


By Nick Montaleone | February 01, 2022

When thinking about the housing market in Canada, it feels very similar to a crazy rollercoaster ride. The ups, downs, twists and turns of the current real estate brings a lot of questions for many people. Each individual situation is different, however the one thing we can all agree to is the sudden inflation we’ve been feeling recently. Whether it’s the rise of house prices, the increase in grocery bills, or the jump in gas prices, we have all felt the impacts of the recent inflation. With that being said, the Bank of Canada announced the spike of interest rates expected to happen starting very early in 2022. But what does this mean for you as a current homeowner or as a future home buyer? Below we’ll discuss the impacts of high interest rates on the real estate market.


Current Homeowners:

The rise in interest rates means higher and more expensive borrowing costs for everyone. Whether it’s a credit card loan, a private student loan, or a mortgage, the effects will be felt. Although it’s not clear exactly how high the rates will go, market research expects the rates to go up gradually by 1.75% over the next year. As a homeowner, it’s important to have an understanding of your current situation with your lender. If you’re thinking of refinancing your home, selling or changing lenders, speak to your professional mortgage broker for guidance. Additionally, if you’re thinking of moving and selling your current property, bear in mind the rise of interest rates with a new loan can change the current financial situation in your household. You want to ensure the change keeps your budget intact and does not effect the affordability of other essential costs you have.

family home

Future Homeowners:

If you are in the market to buy a home, or you’ve been thinking about it, now may be the time to take action. The interest rates will play a major role on your buying power and the borrowing amount a lender will offer. With that being said, this can affect the budget you have in place when searching for houses. While interest rates are still on the lower side, this is your chance to find a lower rate and lock it in before the increase happens. As a new home buyer, you have an advantage with being able to shop around until you choose something fitting in terms of a home and a mortgage. This gives you a chance to find a fixed mortgage, which can avoid any sudden future changes and spikes when interest rates go up.


The hot real estate market in Canada is here to stay and shows no sign of cooling down. With proper budgeting, asking the right questions, and guidance from your professional mortgage agent and realtor, there will always be something fitting for you. Higher interest rates are not scary when everything is planned out right. If you’re thinking of buying or selling but not sure if its the right time, reach out to your real estate agent with any questions, they’ll help guide you through this market.

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advantage of renting

By Nick Montaleone | January 18, 2022

With the cost of home ownership being at an all time high, along with this competitive market, renting still remains as a better option for many people. The long-standing debate of Buying vs. Renting is the hot topic of conversation lately. Although home ownership has become more common in present times, renting is still a preferred choice for families, young adults, and seniors. There are many advantages for renting a home, depending on the situation and the personal preference. Find out why many people are choosing to rent rather than buy property in today’s market.

Aside from financial reasons, there are several benefits to renting a house that just make sense. Below are a few key reasons:


Maintenance Expenses: whether it's a pipe that burst or a clogged toilet, it’s usually not your problem to fix. A call to your landlord and they will deal with any maintenance repairs needed. One less headache you have to worry about, in comparison to owning your own home and having to deal with unwanted repairs and stress all on your own.


Flexibility: If you’ve had your eye on a specific neighbourhood or simply want to move for any reason, then as a tenant you have flexibility. Whether you want to move closer to a certain school for your children, or found a new job and decided to live nearby, then you can easily do so. Rather than worrying about selling your house, finding another one within your budget, and any extra fees, all you have to think about is the lease agreement terms.


Lower Fees: The finances that come along with renting are pretty straight forward. You are responsible for your rent payments, utility bills, and depending on the landlord, an insurance policy must be in place. On the other hand, owning a home comes with a list of fees that quickly add up. Aside from your mortgage, you will have to be prepared for a down payment, lawyer fees, maintenance fees, and property tax.


Access to Amenities: many new apartment and condo developments offer amenities for the residents, and this is often included in your lease. Enjoy a swimming pool, fitness centre, or a lounge area without having to step outside or fork out thousands of dollars to have it in your home.

house post 22

Real Estate in Windsor, Ontario is thriving! There are many great rentals listed on the market for a fair price. If you’re looking to move to Windsor but do not want to buy a house right away, then you will have plenty of rental options available. If you’re a Windsor resident and just want to move to a new neighbourhood, or wanting a new space, check out the listings nearby. The booming LaSalle has beautiful, turn key condos that are ready for you to move in, with rent for as low as $2,650. This is your chance to live in a luxury neighbourhood, with a luxury lifestyle, while enjoying the amenities and access to one of the best areas in Canada. All without having to worry about the high expenses. Talk to your realtor today to see your options and to choose what will make you comfortable, happy and feeling at home.

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A Year End Market Review


By Nick Montaleone | January 17, 2022

If you’ve purchased a home in the past year or working towards it in the new year, then understanding the real estate market in your area will help guide you throughout the process. Now more than ever, we’ve been hearing the phrase “its a crazy market” whenever real estate is the topic of conversation. If you’re curious about what makes this market so interesting, and specifically related to your area in Windsor-Essex, then below we’ll share a few of the statistics and metrics gathered over time.


Real estate agent, Nick Montaleone with Century 21 shares a quarterly update on how the market is performing through his reports in Monty’s Market Metrics. He dives into specific neighbourhoods and shares the statistics for each location. During the 4th quarter update for 2021 - the final annual stats for Windsor-Essex are shared below:


Total Number of Listings: 10,125 listings - Which is a 17.7% increase compared to 2020.

check white

Total Number of Sales: 7,559 - Which is a 13.7% increase compared to 2020.


Total Number of Days on the Market: 15 days on average to sell a residential property.
Compared to an average of 26 days in 2020.

As shown above, the market in 2021 has not slowed down. It is booming and quickly growing, with no indication of slowing down anytime soon. The real estate market is showing an average of 42.3% faster sale of a property in comparison to 2020. One of the most important figures is the average sale price of a property. For 2021, the average sale price of a home in the Windsor-Essex area was $551,968. As opposed to $411,160 in 2020. This brings it to a 34.25% increase in just one year alone.

The above figures are a great way to understand the market in your area. It provides insight to where the market stands now and the trends it's heading towards in the new year. If you’re wondering whether this is a good time to invest in real estate or go through with your plan to purchase a home, then there is no better time than right here and right now in Windsor-Essex. The figures shared and the consistent upward trends, are a testament to the positive aspects about living in Rose City. For quarterly updates on real estate in Windsor-Essex, follow Monty’s Market Metrics to stay informed. As always, If you’re wondering about the housing market in your neighbourhood or have any questions related to real estate in Windsor, your realtor will be there with all the details you need to help lead the way.

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Importance of a Walk-Through

Importance of a Walk-Through


By Nick Montaleone | January 04, 2022

With any big purchase made, it often takes a lot of thinking, planning and reviewing. This is especially true for home buyers who invest a big amount of their time and finances to make sure they chose the right house. Going to see a property for the first time, we may overlook or miss the subtle, important stuff that need to be paid attention to. This is where the final walk-through plays a big role. A final walk-through is performed by the buyer to ensure that the property is delivered in the condition as agreed upon. It provides both buyers and sellers a chance to seal the deal and ensure the house is ready for the sale. A final walk through is important for many reasons, below are a few we will talk about.

Importance of a Walk-Through 1

A final walk-through can give the buyers peace of mind before the closing. During the walk-through, you and your real estate agent will ensure the property is maintained in the same condition you agreed to. You will look for important factors like making sure the light fixtures are in place, there are no damages to the walls, floors or any part of the house, and making sure the utilities, such as the furnace and AC are functioning. If the appliances were part of the deal, this will give you a chance to make sure they are all in working condition. Lastly, you want to check that the house is clean. It is usually customary to keep it broom swept and no garbage, furniture or studs/nails should be left behind. This leads to the best part of the walk-through below.

Importance of a Walk-Through 2

When you first go see a house in a showing, it’s often furnished with the sellers personal items. This can make it difficult to see the simple details of the home and allow you to imagine it as your own. During the final walk through, you get a chance at a blank canvas. The layout of the house becomes more clear, giving you an opportunity to plan out how you’d like to shift the space to make it yours. This is the step where any stress can turn into excitement because everything is coming together. An empty house thats yours to turn it into your home.

Importance of a Walk-Through 3

Buying a home is a big move that will take a lot of time and patience. Especially for first time home buyer’s, there are many steps that your real estate agent will be there to guide you through. A final walk through is one of them. If you’re unsure what to look for or wondering what’s ok vs. what’s not, then never hesitate to ask your realtor questions. They will be there every step of the way, from start to finish

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How Did Nick Montaleone Get 15

How Did Nick Montaleone Get 15 Million in Sales in One Month


By Century 21 | December 29, 2021

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” this expression is one that is definitely true for Nick Montaleone. Being in the real estate industry, everyday is a new adventure. Meeting all the wonderful people, building a bond, and being passionate about home ownership allows our team to strive to be the best there is in the industry. Without a doubt, this is all thanks to our amazing clients who have been there since day one. Leading us to great success stories and being able to achieve $15 Million dollars in sales in just one month. One may ask how is a realtor like Nick able to close on that amount of sales in just a month, well it is all possible with hard work, dedication and continuous learning.



In any career, having the right connections will allow you to grow and excel in what you do. Being part of the amazing community in Windsor-Essex, Nick has many friends and associates that he connects with regularly. Whether they are investors, buyers, or other realtors, Nick is able to share the details of your home listing directly with them, present it to a variety of clients, and ensure you are getting the best offers for your home. Nick’s work ethic is deeply rooted with him being a family man. The passion, care and hard work he provides his clients is what allows him to form a bond that lasts long after a business transaction, these connections turn into friends and family.


An Expert At What He Does

Being in the industry for so long, Nick has gained years of experience and knowledge. This allows him to have all the secrets on how to sell your home fast, all while bringing in the best offers. With that being said, the teamwork and dedication can make it all possible. Using all of the strategies that have achieved success in the past, Nick has a team of professionals that will make your home stand out compared to others on the market. Having amazing photographers and videographers capture your home in a professional lens, will make it more appealing to potential buyers. Additionally, the marketing team working behind the scenes to create the paid advertisements leads to thousands of people viewing your home listing within hours, allowing for better offers to roll in. Most importantly, the tips and recommendations he shares with his clients comes from his knowledge on home evaluations, as well his genuine, caring nature for those around him.


A Sellers Market

Recently, we have been hearing it’s a “sellers market”, now more than ever. With the market thriving and Windsor-Essex becoming one of the most desirable areas to live in, sellers are at an advantage. Although home prices have boomed, there is a high demand for houses but low supply. Regardless of the season, it is always a good time to sell. With that being said, don’t wait until he summer to list your home. Winter is a great time to sell and you have more advantage of getting better offers, with less competition in the market. Winter or summer, people are still looking to invest and move into a place they can call their home. Nick will be there to guide you every step of the way, whether you are looking to buy or sell. Never hesitate to reach out to Nick to make sure you have all the answers you need. After all, we are very thankful for our clients, and would like to be there to help make their home dreams, a reality.

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Windsor During The Holidays



By Nick Montaleone | December 22, 2021

Tis’ the season to be jolly! With the holidays quickly approaching us as well as the cold winter days, many Windsorites are preparing in their own way. Whether you’ve been here for years or recently moved to YQG, you may be wondering of what special things there are to do. Being a border city as well as a thriving city, Windsor, Ontario has a lot to offer you and your family throughout the whole year, but especially during the festive holiday season.


We like to hold onto traditions and pass them on to generations to come. For many decades during Christmas time, Santa touches down at Devonshire Mall in a Helicopter to greet all his loved ones. Whether they've been naughty or nice, young ones can enjoy the excitement of meeting Santa, sharing their wish list, and even taking a picture for memories.

For the older folks feeling jolly and giving during the holiday season, you can always put your heart in the right place and donate to the Goodfellows. Windsor is proud of all the charitable organizations they offer, but especially of our Goodfellows. For 111 years, Windsorites have come together by purchasing the holiday paper with any monetary donation they give, that goes toward helping those in need in our community. This goes to show how loving, kind, and generous Windsor is – home to some of the best residents.


Moving forward to recent new events introduced in our city, Bright Lights Windsor has been taking place the past couple of years at Jackson Park. Decorated in all the beautiful lights, families can enjoy an evening filled with the holiday spirit. Local business can also share their products with our community at the Holiday Market. Whether you!re craving pretzels, popcorn, or a tasty cup of hot chocolate to keep warm, you can enjoy that with your family at the Bright Lights with local vendors. On the other hand, a quick trip to Downtown Detroit just minutes away from Windsor, you can check out a winter wonderland with an ice skating rink, holiday market and a big, bright Christmas tree


Living in Windsor, Ontario you will never run out of fun, family-friendly things to do, especially during the holiday season. If you needed another reason for why you should move to Windsor, then definitely put ‘Fun Holiday Activities’ on your list. Needless to say, you will be welcomed with love, comfort and an amazing community in Windsor. If you need any more suggestions for other events to check out, or even curious to see the best decorated neighbourhoods in Windsor, ask your realtor for recommendations they can share with you..

living in windsor

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Reasons Why Pizza Lovers Should Move to Windsor, Ontario


By Nick Montaleone | December 5, 2021

Windsor, Ontario also known as YQG or Rose City, but best known as the Pizza City has a long history as to why it gained this name. In recent years, Windsor has become famous for being home to some of the best pizza, not just in Canada but possibly around the world too. Whether you are from out of town or thinking of moving here, visiting local pizzeria’s is a must to get the real YQG experience. The Windsor-style pizza will have you craving wherever you are, as there is little to no comparison for the pizza made in our city.


Pizza Style:

Different from the famous New York-style or Chicago Deep Dish-style pies, in this region the Windsor-style pizza is known for the medium thin crust, wood-burning pies with shredded pepperoni. Additionally, most places use mozzarella cheese that is sourced locally from the famous Galati Cheese Company. All over town you can find decade old mom and pop pizza shops or famous award winning franchises to satisfy your cravings.

Uniqueness & Local Places:

So the real question is, what makes the Windsor pizza so unique and tasty? Aside from the shredded pepperoni, pizzeria owners swear by the sauce they use. The blend of spices included in the tomato sauce is what makes the pizza taste delicious, with each shop tweaking it so its authentic and different from other places. With Windsor being a diverse city and rich in culture, many restaurants also offer different styles and toppings for their clients. Whether its shawarma or pineapples as a topping, whatever you’re looking for, you can find in Windsor. Many local restaurants like Antonino’s, Vito’s Pizzeria, Arcata Pizzeria, and Remo’s at The Caboto Club are popular for their wood-burning pies. If you’re looking for regular oven made pizza, other places to check out are Sarducci’s Pizzeria, Cheese Wheelz, Capri Pizza, and MJ’s Pizza & Wings.

We weren’t lying when we said Windsor pizza is some of the best around the world. How can we forget the famous, award winning restaurant, Armando’s Pizza that gave us global fame at the 30th annual International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas in 2014, coming in third place. So, for all the pizza lovers looking to move and wondering where to buy a house, Windsor, Ontario or the Pizza City is definitely the place for you. If you’re in town for a visit, thinking of moving here or a local wondering where to eat, check out documentary The Pizza City You ve Never Heard Of which will premier on December 11th and 12th. Or ask your realtor for their favourite pizza places around town for your next dinner or lunch date!

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detroit hero

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic put a dent in many things we were once accustomed to. For Windsorites, crossing the border to spend a day with our American neighbours was a common activity we enjoyed before the pandemic. However for the last couple of years this wasn’t a luxury we were able to take advantage of. On the bright side, with certain regulations being lifted and the travel restrictions changing, we are now able to welcome our neighbours back into Canada and also stop by their place for a visit or two.

Things to Do:

If you’re thinking of crossing the border, before doing so, check to see what the most up to date travel rules are. With that being said, if you plan to spend a day in Detroit there are many fun, family friendly activities you can check out. With just a five minute drive across the tunnel or bridge, downtown Detroit will welcome you with the festive holiday lights, the grand GM building and from there you can decide how you want to spend the day. Whether it’s shopping at Target, Macy’s or Saks Fifth Avenue, being a border city will give you access to all the perks we don’t have locally. Families can also enjoy a day at the Detroit Zoo, explore Greek Town, or visit Bell Isle Park. Not to forget, the diverse food options available, whether is Mediterranean, Italian, or just craving a good steak from Prime and Proper, you can find it all in right across the border.


Travel & Commute:

The Ambassador bridge connecting Windsor and Detroit allows residents living in LaSalle or Amherstburg to have closer access to the border. The Ambassador Bridge is a direct link to many major destinations and highways, including: I-96, I-94, I-75 and best of all the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. If you’re thinking of taking that long awaited trip and want to avoid driving 4 hours to Toronto’s airport, then the Detroit Metropolitan Airport is definitely an option, with just under an hour drive away. Most importantly, those working in the U.S. will also have a closer commute whether they cross through the tunnel or the bridge. Being a border city, this widens the horizons and can provide for many different opportunities.


Regardless of the season, weather or time of the year, there is always something to do with a little getaway from home. The vibes in Detroit are welcoming, lively and full of happy moments. Ask your realtor for tips and recommendations both locally in Windsor-Essex, or for places to visit right across the border with our American neighbours.