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By Nick Montaleone | January 18, 2022

With the cost of home ownership being at an all time high, along with this competitive market, renting still remains as a better option for many people. The long-standing debate of Buying vs. Renting is the hot topic of conversation lately. Although home ownership has become more common in present times, renting is still a preferred choice for families, young adults, and seniors. There are many advantages for renting a home, depending on the situation and the personal preference. Find out why many people are choosing to rent rather than buy property in today’s market.

Aside from financial reasons, there are several benefits to renting a house that just make sense. Below are a few key reasons:


Maintenance Expenses: whether it's a pipe that burst or a clogged toilet, it’s usually not your problem to fix. A call to your landlord and they will deal with any maintenance repairs needed. One less headache you have to worry about, in comparison to owning your own home and having to deal with unwanted repairs and stress all on your own.


Flexibility: If you’ve had your eye on a specific neighbourhood or simply want to move for any reason, then as a tenant you have flexibility. Whether you want to move closer to a certain school for your children, or found a new job and decided to live nearby, then you can easily do so. Rather than worrying about selling your house, finding another one within your budget, and any extra fees, all you have to think about is the lease agreement terms.


Lower Fees: The finances that come along with renting are pretty straight forward. You are responsible for your rent payments, utility bills, and depending on the landlord, an insurance policy must be in place. On the other hand, owning a home comes with a list of fees that quickly add up. Aside from your mortgage, you will have to be prepared for a down payment, lawyer fees, maintenance fees, and property tax.


Access to Amenities: many new apartment and condo developments offer amenities for the residents, and this is often included in your lease. Enjoy a swimming pool, fitness centre, or a lounge area without having to step outside or fork out thousands of dollars to have it in your home.

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