A Year End Market Review


By Nick Montaleone | January 17, 2022

If you’ve purchased a home in the past year or working towards it in the new year, then understanding the real estate market in your area will help guide you throughout the process. Now more than ever, we’ve been hearing the phrase “its a crazy market” whenever real estate is the topic of conversation. If you’re curious about what makes this market so interesting, and specifically related to your area in Windsor-Essex, then below we’ll share a few of the statistics and metrics gathered over time.


Real estate agent, Nick Montaleone with Century 21 shares a quarterly update on how the market is performing through his reports in Monty’s Market Metrics. He dives into specific neighbourhoods and shares the statistics for each location. During the 4th quarter update for 2021 - the final annual stats for Windsor-Essex are shared below:


Total Number of Listings: 10,125 listings - Which is a 17.7% increase compared to 2020.

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Total Number of Sales: 7,559 - Which is a 13.7% increase compared to 2020.


Total Number of Days on the Market: 15 days on average to sell a residential property.
Compared to an average of 26 days in 2020.

As shown above, the market in 2021 has not slowed down. It is booming and quickly growing, with no indication of slowing down anytime soon. The real estate market is showing an average of 42.3% faster sale of a property in comparison to 2020. One of the most important figures is the average sale price of a property. For 2021, the average sale price of a home in the Windsor-Essex area was $551,968. As opposed to $411,160 in 2020. This brings it to a 34.25% increase in just one year alone.

The above figures are a great way to understand the market in your area. It provides insight to where the market stands now and the trends it's heading towards in the new year. If you’re wondering whether this is a good time to invest in real estate or go through with your plan to purchase a home, then there is no better time than right here and right now in Windsor-Essex. The figures shared and the consistent upward trends, are a testament to the positive aspects about living in Rose City. For quarterly updates on real estate in Windsor-Essex, follow Monty’s Market Metrics to stay informed. As always, If you’re wondering about the housing market in your neighbourhood or have any questions related to real estate in Windsor, your realtor will be there with all the details you need to help lead the way.

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