Reasons Why Pizza Lovers Should Move to Windsor, Ontario


By Nick Montaleone | December 5, 2021

Windsor, Ontario also known as YQG or Rose City, but best known as the Pizza City has a long history as to why it gained this name. In recent years, Windsor has become famous for being home to some of the best pizza, not just in Canada but possibly around the world too. Whether you are from out of town or thinking of moving here, visiting local pizzeria’s is a must to get the real YQG experience. The Windsor-style pizza will have you craving wherever you are, as there is little to no comparison for the pizza made in our city.


Pizza Style:

Different from the famous New York-style or Chicago Deep Dish-style pies, in this region the Windsor-style pizza is known for the medium thin crust, wood-burning pies with shredded pepperoni. Additionally, most places use mozzarella cheese that is sourced locally from the famous Galati Cheese Company. All over town you can find decade old mom and pop pizza shops or famous award winning franchises to satisfy your cravings.

Uniqueness & Local Places:

So the real question is, what makes the Windsor pizza so unique and tasty? Aside from the shredded pepperoni, pizzeria owners swear by the sauce they use. The blend of spices included in the tomato sauce is what makes the pizza taste delicious, with each shop tweaking it so its authentic and different from other places. With Windsor being a diverse city and rich in culture, many restaurants also offer different styles and toppings for their clients. Whether its shawarma or pineapples as a topping, whatever you’re looking for, you can find in Windsor. Many local restaurants like Antonino’s, Vito’s Pizzeria, Arcata Pizzeria, and Remo’s at The Caboto Club are popular for their wood-burning pies. If you’re looking for regular oven made pizza, other places to check out are Sarducci’s Pizzeria, Cheese Wheelz, Capri Pizza, and MJ’s Pizza & Wings.

We weren’t lying when we said Windsor pizza is some of the best around the world. How can we forget the famous, award winning restaurant, Armando’s Pizza that gave us global fame at the 30th annual International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas in 2014, coming in third place. So, for all the pizza lovers looking to move and wondering where to buy a house, Windsor, Ontario or the Pizza City is definitely the place for you. If you’re in town for a visit, thinking of moving here or a local wondering where to eat, check out documentary The Pizza City You ve Never Heard Of which will premier on December 11th and 12th. Or ask your realtor for their favourite pizza places around town for your next dinner or lunch date!

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