Neighbourhood Spotlight - LaSalle, Ontario


If you’re looking for a safe and vibrant area to live in, look no further than LaSalle, Ontario. In recent years, the town of LaSalle has gained attraction and continues to be one of the most in demand places in Southern Ontario. This town is popular for many things, including the trails that give you your daily dose of nature and of course, the tight knit community that feels like a second family. Let’s explore below exactly why LaSalle is the place to call home and why it has gained fame over the recent years

Safety and Community

According to recent studies, LaSalle ranks as one of the safest places to live in Canada. This town has neighbourhoods all around that are family friendly, welcoming and safe. Whether you are looking to grow your family or looking to retire, LaSalle is the place for you. Having their own police department at the heart of the town, as well as tight knit communities that look out for one another, living here will allow you to sleep at night with peace of mind, knowing you and your family are protected.


Amenities and Convenience

Often times, the word ‘town’ can throw us off. When you hear that word, you may assume a deserted place with lack of amenities nearby. That is definitely not the case with LaSalle, also known as L.A. The newly developed plazas, have many local grocery stores, restaurants, medical centres and gyms for its residents. East of Malden Road is home to several popular franchise places such as Zehrs, LCBO, Burger King and many more. To top it off, LaSalle is a very close distance to the Ambassador Bridge, bordered with Michigan. This is convenient for those who work in the States or just want to cross the border for a day of fun. This town is very far from deserted, with a five minute drive you can find everything you need and more!

Things To Do

Summer or Winter, regardless of the weather there is always something fun to do in LaSalle. If you’re looking for outdoor fun, you can go bike riding with the family or a walk on any one of the trails surrounding the area. Situated in LaSalle, you’ll be able to explore all there is to offer at Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve, allowing you to escape the busy city life and become one with nature. Also known for its beautiful golf courses like Ambassador Golf Course and the popular Strawberry Fest, bringing the community together, these outdoor activities are fun and enjoyable. Additionally, indoor sports activities are also available for families and individuals at the Volmer Complex. There is something for everyone in LaSalle.

thing to do

If it's luxury living you’re looking for, then LaSalle has that for you. The beautiful Seven Lakes neighbourhood and the other eloquent areas are in high demand. Additionally, the newly developed condos are the perfect place for first time home buyers or even those looking to downsize and retire in a quiet area. All over the town of LaSalle, you’ll be able to find the home you're looking for that fits the lifestyle you desire for you and your family. Talk to you realtor today to find out exactly why LaSalle is the place for you.