Pros & Cons of Purchasing Pre-Construction Built Homes

Pros & Cons of Purchasing Pre-Construction Built Homes

Whether you’re in the market as a first time home buyer or looking to move to another home, finding the right house for you will take time and research. Everyday multiple houses are listed for sale, whether they are older homes that need to be renovated or turn key homes that don’t need any work. Without a doubt, the real estate market in Windsor, Ontario has been booming as the population continues to grow and the city continues to thrive. With that being said, new developments have been taking place all over town and people are ready with their offers, even before the construction begins. Doing your research and understanding the pros and cons of purchasing pre-construction homes will help ease the process and make it worth your time and money.


Pros of purchasing Pre-Construction Homes

Asking the right questions can be difficult when you’re not sure what to expect with a pre-construction home. However, the pros of these types of homes are pretty amazing. There is something refreshing about being the first owner of a brand new house that has never been occupied by anyone but you. The clean and pristine finish of the home will create an ambience that is made special for you. New homes means new technology. Many new homes being built today use innovative technology that can make everyday life easier and more sustainable. Parts of the home can be optimized for energy efficiency such as the insulation and air sealing, heating and cooling, and appliances. This ties in another pro of less maintenance costs and repairs needed in the first few years, with most builders offering warranty for your own peace of mind.


Cons of purchasing Pre-Construction Homes:

Experiences with building new construction homes varies across different buyers. The negative factors may not apply to everyone who chooses to purchase a pre-construction home. Depending on the builder, material used, and the contract provided, one of the cons can be the limited options offered. Some builders may give you a chance to customize certain parts of the home, whereas others have a base model and are not very welcoming of different opinions. As a result, this can lead to expensive upgrade options. You are usually offered a base price for the property, however any add-ons or special customizations can quickly bump up the price. This is where preparing and budgeting will help you with your expectations.

Pre-construction homes can seem like a daunting idea, but when focusing on the pros and the feeling of a brand new home, it will make the process worth it. Windsor-Essex is boasting with new built homes and condos. The new condo developments in LaSalle are quickly getting the attention of buyers and investors. Ask your realtor and see what the best options are for you. Whether you are a first time home buyer or looking to retire and live in a cozy but vibrant area and a new home, there is something for everyone!