A Guide To The Best Suburbs In Windsor

When comparing the past to the present, the suburbs have always been one of the most in demand residential areas people consider. Luckily, in Windsor-Essex we are surrounded by several beautiful suburbs. The perfectly situated areas such as LaSalle, Lakeshore, and Belle River sit just outside Windsor giving its residents many benefits. If you’re looking for a safe and friendly community, short commute and the cozy small town feel, look no further than the above listed areas. Below is a guide to some of Windsors best suburbs.

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Town of LaSalle, also known as the famous L.A is popular for its tight knit community, safe neighbourhoods and the beautiful homes. This town has many advantages. Ranking as one of the safest areas in Canada, LaSalle is the perfect place for a growing family with great schools, beautiful trails, and different events throughout the year. On the other hand, LaSalle is also an ideal place for individuals looking to retire. New built condos, retirement homes and even bungalows are situated within walking distance to multiple plazas with various amenities. The town of LaSalle has a touch of the past with a deep history intertwined with the future, evident in the edgy and modern homes that are newly developed. One of the most in demand areas, LaSalle is an investment not just for your house, but also for your lifestyle.


The name of this town gives off one of its greatest assets. Surrounded by Lake St. Clair, the town of Lakeshore is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the Windsor. During the summer months you and your family can enjoy several water activities and golf courses, as well as different parks accessible to everyone from all ages and abilities. Lakeshore is just 30 minutes away from downtown Windsor and the U.S border. If you’re looking to move here, you will be welcomed by residents who are highly educated, adventurous and enjoy an evening on the boat soaking in the sun.


Belle River

Belle River is located east of Windsor and also surrounded by Lake St. Clair. This region has agricultural land all around, a local beach, and an abundance local merchants and businesses. Belle River offers its occupants a quiet, nature filled lifestyle with a small feel of the city life. Also known for the local Belle River Marina and the lighthouse, these are just some of the trademarks to see. In Belle River, you can enjoy the country surroundings, affordable home prices as well the short commute to the city when needed. This is the place to be if you’re looking for a peaceful and serene lifestyle.

Living in the suburbs isn’t just about the white picket fence and the nicely groomed lawns, it's more than that. The suburbs around Windsor provide advantages that aren’t easily found anywhere else. The affordable houses, safe neighbourhoods, and the communities that become a second family are what makes them attractive and always in demand. Talk to your realtor to see which suburb in the Windsor region is the perfect one for you.